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  1. Tropical Contemporary is an art collective of emerging contemporary artists located in Eugene, Oregon who are working to instill a climate of communication, critique, and creation.

    Creating an environment for thinkers and makers to flourish is key to creating  impactful work that challenges perceptions around social/cultural histories, gender, identity, humor, material exploration, and language. As an active group of professional artists, we're made stronger by our combined eccentricities and knowledge through which we can grow, provide, and share.

    Starting as a nomadic group, our past exhibitions have utilized unleased office spaces, residential dwellings, and rented moving trucks. We now have a exhibition space located at 1120 Bailey Hill #11 Eugene, OR.

    If you are interested in work with us becoming a member or keeping up to date with all our happenings and events - Like us and follow on Facebook and Instagram !!

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